We have joined forces to bring back the longstanding tradition of parades to the City of Plano. In the spirit of collaboration, the Rotary Clubs of Plano, which include all 6 Plano Rotary Clubs, North Texas Pioneers, Plano East, Plano West, Plano, Plano Metro and Plano Sunrise, in addition to the Plano Rotaract Club, joined forces to bring back the longstanding tradition of parades to the City of Plano!  
The Fourth of July Parade was a wonderful effort and collaboration that was done between the clubs and the City of Plano, who also provided a grant for this event. Planning began one year prior to the event, with regular meetings between representatives from every club. Volunteers came from each club as well as organizations outside of Rotary. While there was a Holiday parade planned for December 2022, it was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather. The July 4th parade, which had a theme of “City of Plano - All American 4th” was done in conjunction with the City of Plano’s Fireworks event and occurred right before the fireworks presentation at the Red Tail Pavilion and Collin College area in East Plano. There were 8 floats and a total of 35 participants or groups made up of military and first responders, local businesses, non-profits, beauty queens, politicians, Plano City Council members, including the mayor of Plano and Plano Independent School Board of Trustees. The Grand Marshalls of the parade were the two Plano ISD teachers of the years, Ashley Hendrickson and Jessica Williams. We were also very happy to have the continued support of our title sponsor, H-E-B, along with the support from our other sponsors, C3 Auto, Golf Cars of Dallas and Scott Grigg.
There were also several awards that were presented including The Grand Marshall Award that went to Hope Restored Mission, The Rotary Chairman’s Choice Award went to The Local Creamery Ice Cream Shop, and the Best Non-Motorized Award went to the Lone Star Wheelers.
We are looking forward to hosting the Holiday Parade, which will be in conjunction with the City of Plano Dickens Festival on Saturday, December 2nd in downtown Plano. This parade will include similar groups as the July 4th parade as well as the Plano High School bands, cheerleaders, ROTC and other schools groups. There will be many opportunities available to participate, volunteer and sponsor at this event. Save the date on your calendars to come and celebrate the holidays with us!
For more information about the upcoming parade, sponsorship opportunities and to see pictures from the July 4th parade, visit www.rotaryparadesofplano.com. Liz Lansing and Lisa Bloomer, Co-Chairs, Rotary Parades of Plano