Jun 14, 2023
Jeff McKissack
UFO's, the Military & the Media

Today, the topic of UFOs (or UAPs as they are now being called) have captured the interest of the media, of Congress, of academia, of NASA, and of course the military.  But why?  What is it about this subject that has been in the public discourse for some 75 years that caused such a resurgence in today's culture?  Maybe at least a partial answer can be found in the context and history of the phenomena which will be discussed in this program.




Jeff McKissack will be our presenter, covering some of the major points of consideration and context as we collectively consider what this phenomena could be as well as why it has come to the forefront of our collective consciousness in contemporary culture.  Jeff has spoken to numerous clubs in the area in the past regarding his regular safety/security work, but this presentation that has now been given to numerous other clubs in the area promises to be quite literally "out of this world."




Headshot attached and here are two promo videos you can use via email or on social media to possibly attract some guests as well given the widespread interest in this topic today: