Aug 09, 2023
Bridget Kenworth
Rotary Service

Bridget Kenworthy

Bridget Kenworthy addresses world suffering through sewing, which she’s been learning since she was 5 years old. Currently she sews for two non-profit organizations: Celestial Hands and Days for Girls. Bridget has degrees in art and music education, and graduated from the Living School for Action & Contemplation in July 2023. When she’s not sewing to save the world, Bridget can be found appreciating the developing minds of her 3 kids (ages 14, 7, and 4), building her marriage, and building a backyard deck.

Bridget Kenworthy requests the honor of speaking at your club's Rotary Meeting on behalf of the suffering people of Africa. During the District 5810 Annual Conference in April, 2023, Bridget accompanied the 328 menstrual health kits (which were made in her home under her supervision) that were delivered to Roatan and Cozumel school girls, which were funded by many clubs and individuals in District 5810. At your club meeting she will share pertinent information about the water crisis and the awful problem of girls dropping out of school after reaching puberty. These girls fall farther behind every month as they miss multiple days of school to sit at home on a pile of hay waiting for their menses to stop, and eventually they cannot keep up in school anymore. The power of deep, properly maintained wells installed at schools, combined with locally-made and -distributed menstrual health kits, creates a beautiful synergy - solving multiple insurmountable hurdles for the people, and meeting six of the seven causes outlined by RI. Within ten weeks of receiving funds, the well will be completed and the kits, along with a 90-minute educational presentation, will be in the hands of the local school girls. On June 19, 2023, Bridget was present at the installation of the Ataik, Uganda deep well and led the distribution of ~1000 kits in the South Sudanese refugee camp Palabek Lamwo.   Bridget is available to coordinate trips to well sites combined with safaris, rhino and gorilla encounters, and local cuisine, all under the care of an exceptionally skilled local guide. Bridget can be reached at and via text or call at 435-503-4516.




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Dr. Phillip Odiambo's Gratitude for the Atiak Well - Uganda, Africa